Month: March 2014

Moving Along

I’m slowly, but steadily, moving towards a more structured life once more. The catalyst for this change was none other than a very simple ritual performed during the witching hour two days ago. I cleansed my space with the Gnostic Chaosphere Rite found in The Book of Baphomet and called upon the Spider archetype in the form of Black Widow. Blessing a small amount of black salt, I called on the Widow to transmute my inertia and laziness into a usable form of energy. As I took the salt into my mouth, I imagined Her venom entering me, beginning the process of transformation. Interestingly enough, nearly immediately after the salt was swallowed, I began to feel slightly ill, as though truly poisoned.

As the magic began its work, a very basic sigil web was constructed, with ten rays symbolizing perfect order and harmony within my life. When I drew the spiral of the web through the rays, I could feel the change beginning to flow outwards into the physical world. With further contemplation on this sigil, combined with hypnotic techniques, I intend to accelerate the process.




For some time, and the last week in particular, I’ve been stuck in a rut. All aspects of my life have suffered from this; my productivity has dropped, and my spiritual life has been all but nonexistent. Worse yet, I’ve been well aware of how bad things were, but I made no effort to change. That is, until last night, when I had an unexpected guest: a small, brown spider.

As one might guess from the title of this blog, I am very fond of spiders, and as such, I was delighted when I saw the small creature working its way down one of my sketchbooks. When it paused mid-descent, I observed the markings upon its abdomen and saw a form suggestive of the sulfur cross. Naturally, I read this as an omen, and interpreted it to mean that I should bring divine fire back into my life and get my shit together. Sulfur further represents illumination, which is interesting, considering that I hold spiders in high esteem for bringing wisdom and magical power.

After leaving the room for a time, I returned and, inspired by the spider, began to work on a meditation mat/ritual space incorporating a web and spidery sigils. During the course of this labor, my guest again appeared, this time on the wall. From that angle, I was able to discern that the markings on the abdomen were not like the sulfur cross at all. Rather, they more strongly resembled a sigil I’ve used in magical depictions of spiders.

spiderheart     picture025

Very interesting indeed…